Sponsorship Update

Breathe Cashflow

As you may all know, 2016 saw us partner up with another exciting local business My Sporting Times (MST) to sponsor their winter trail running series. Our aim was not only to get the Breathe name and brand out to a farther reaching audience, but also because we genuinely believe in the synergies that exist in channelling competitive energies through business.  A healthy body and active mind focuses direction and overall well-being and this translates into increased productivity and impact in the modern workplace. We thoroughly enjoyed our outdoor trail blazing and inhaled genuine success in terms of profiling to local businesses and SME owners and reaching out with our core message regarding smarter alternative finance. We are actively planning fresh and renewed collaboration with MST during 2017 to build on this great foundation.


Breathe Cashflow

If you were expecting an end of year quiz or profound resolutions for next year then you may be disappointed. None the less we approach the New Year with yet more uncertainty sprinkled with a degree of cautious optimism.

The benign UK credit environment will continue to create opportunities for alternative finance and our hungrier more savvy business owners will still crave the innovation and flexibility that underpin these type of funding solutions.  Our market will see a greater and much welcome degree of regulation and scrutiny which should both appease and reinforce its offerings to investors and borrowers alike.  We sense a tightening of risk criteria amongst our funders as loan books mature and periods of sustained growth now require evidence of pecuniary returns on the all important bottom line.

There is much to contemplate as we say hello to New Year and wave goodbye to the old. Exciting times ahead....breathe and believe.

Seasons Greetings

Breathe Cashflow

It's now very much beginning to look like Christmas as businesses take the opportunity to spread some festive cheer amongst their colleagues as they reflect on the current year and cast a glance to the potential challenges that lie ahead during 2017. We would just like to take a moment to thank all our wonderful introducers, clients, and funders alike for their support and goodwill throughout the last twelve months. Your support has been immense. We send you all our most sincere seasonal greetings at this special time of year and we can't wait to continue our close working relationship into the New Year and beyond. Giving the gift of smarter and innovative cashflow solutions to today's growing SME business.