Alternative finance is good for business!

Ian Ward

As the winds of change begin to transform our seasonal landscape, it was rather fitting that change afold in our industry was top of the discussion agenda last week. 

by attending the inaugural Alternative and Receivables Finance Conference 2014 in London on Friday, it was extremely refreshing to see the depth and breadth of innovative funding solutions that are now available to growing businesses. Banks took note as the growing momentum of alternative finance seeks to create a plentiful supply of fast, highly portable and flexible solutions , increasingly attractive to both buyer ( SME) and seller ( funder/investor) alike. Breathe continue to source and develop key strategic partnerships with these modern and intuitive providers.

A game of two halves!

Ian Ward

A lot has been happening over the last few weeks, both on and off the field here at Breathe. England's inglorious and much maligned exit from the World Cup undermined any hopes of a golden summer or footballing renaissance whilst the Queens Speech recognised the growing role that SME's have in driving the economy forward. Put away those flags for another 4 years. Any overseas triumph now rests solely with the export strength of UK SME's and having access to fast and highly portable working capital is a must on any company's team sheet.

Here at Breathe, our latest funding solutions have enabled two local companies to pursue export glory. At the one end, through the provision of a trade finance facility that secures immediate and long term overseas supplies and to the other that will provide asset finance to purchase a bespoke machine that will elevate their business to a higher level and further expansion into their foreign markets.

A special thanks must go to our two chosen panel providers who demonstrated a most genuine and intuitive approach to our client's requirements and delivered a first class performance all round.

Much like a World Cup outsider, there is a healthy and curious interest in what the new entrants and independents can offer; how they set themselves up and how their play is different to the usual "big guns".

And being British, we all love the underdog.