There Will Be Time

Breathe Cashflow

Fantastic news this week as one of our leading providers secures a further £7.2m round of funding and shakes off any post Brexit fears of a slowdown in investment in financial technology. Congratulations and team hugs to our colleagues @MarketInvoice for yet more impressive strides in making it altogether easier for today's SME's to acess vital working capital finance. Apparently since bursting on to the scene only a few years ago , they have already saved their customers over 5,000 years in waiting for their invoices to be paid. Now that's what I call cash flow.

After The Storm

Breathe Cashflow

In the aftermath of Brexit, much has been written, spouted and often sensationalised as to the long term social, economic and political impact of our decision. Many of us are reaching out on various platforms to voice our opinion and intuitive perspectives on the matter. Here at Breathe, we say be mindful of Groupthink and take valuable time for effective reasoning. Rest assured change of this magnitude will bring all the intrinsic elements of uncertainty and doubt that are largely embedded in our human nature. However change should also facilitate ripe opportunties and innovations that seek to quell this collective sense of foreboding and we should grasp the potential that has been created to respond and react positively to the obvious challenges that lie ahead. The dog days may be over for some but for others the decision on that day has signalled revival not survival.

Big decisions

Ian Ward

Today’s election calls the nation together, bringing both choice and uncertainty. For many people change can be unsettling and disruptive, for others it brings excitement and anticipation and the possibility of new directions. For business, change should be embraced and not feared.

The same could be said for alternative finance. The pace of acceleration and momentum in this field is creating a wonderful array of funding options and changing the way that SME’s access business finance in a most positive and inspiring way. But in the same way that traditional parties have stubbornly dominated UK politics for many years, so the misguided perception that the banks represent the only credible source of funding for small businesses  has stifled opportunity and disaffected demand. Plugging this information gap is crucial to breathe renewed vigour into the vital and much overlooked SME sector and as we rather anxiously await the next  five year tenant(s) at Number 10, having greater choice and diversity both in government and business finance can only be a good thing.