Construction Time Again

Breathe Cashflow

Structuring deals that allow structures to be built is always doubly fulfilling and we really had to project manage this one to involve bank, credit insurers, and funders alike to deliver a solution that allowed this hardworking construction client to fulfil its obligations on a major contract to redevelop one of London's most iconic addresses.

Computer Love

Breathe Cashflow

We were going digital crazy last month at the arrival of our latest client to the Breathe portfolio. We've been tracking its rapid progress as a leading provider of cyber security over the last 12 months or so and finally after jumping through several hoops (or should that have been firewalls) we were able to offer them a slick, altogether covert facility that allows them to fund growth with a key customer and open up new, exciting opportunities. Smarter, secure funding in every sense of the word.


Where Are We Now?

Breathe Cashflow

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Breathe and despite the summer recess, enquiries continue at a healthy level and we've been actively reaching out to our banking colleagues to further promote the use of our smarter solutions to complement their existing funding facilities with customers. We are really grateful for their continued support here in the Thames Valley and embracing what we are all about.

Activity drives the mind and at Breathe we’ve been working vigorously at providing yet more smarter funding solutions for savvy businesses, whilst at the same time playing hard at planning our first Breathe@ Breakfast event and becoming proud sponsors of a Winter Race series at the end of the year. See Upcoming Breathe Events for more details.

We've also taken on a new member to the team and would like to officially welcome Lizzie Mead on-board. She has already made a great contribution to our marketing efforts and is doing some sterling work behind the scenes with our digital media guys. I guess we need some mugshot photos on our website now!