Back in the Zone

Breathe Cashflow

Back in the zone and fresh from our winter trail successes, we have spent January channelling our competitive energies into new and smarter assignments for our clients and for them to potentially consider alternative funding options. Psychologically, the first month of the year can be a tough one so we've been busy ensuring the pipeline is maintained and momentum continues as businesses weigh up their all-important year ahead.  2017 will be another volatile year as political and economic uncertainties continue to underpin the new world order. Business confidence will be a leading barometer to whet or suppress the appetite for SME growth and to therefore consider alternative funding options. Our market will continue to seek innovation amidst the backdrop of a continued benign credit environment, but the spectre of rising inflation as the value of sterling declines and Brexit floundering, remains a worry. People’s real incomes are being affected, jobs are being moved out of the UK and investments delayed.  Meanwhile our government has pledged a “radical” boost to the UK’s housing supply alongside the pledge of a million new homes by 2020. We await with eagerness to learn more and the impact it will have on sector business productivity.